Notebook Excerpts

There are notebooks left at the memorial for people to sign. Below are some excerpts from the notebooks that have been left at the memorial in the past. Newer excerpts can be found on the Facebook page.

From the Summer of 2006
Thursday, August 11th, 2005
Came to meet my birth father for the first time. My little brother Matt brought me up. Saw a wild stallion and a deer. It feels like some old holes are being filled as I’m starting to find my place in a larger story.
-Andrew Rogers
(Son of “Slim” Abolt)

Came all the way form Pennsylvania. Perfect spot – love the view – rest in peace.
Dick + Joyce Wilson
Liverpool, PA

Hey Clyde,
This is an amazing resting place! I can only hope mine will be this special!
Jerry M Popovich
Palmer Lake CO.

Clyde, have heard a lot about this place, I have been a resident of Rangely a short while + this is my first time to visit your resting place, wish I could have seen this country in 1941 without all the oil companies out here.
I will be back to visit more often as this is a beautiful place to clear ones mind.
Save travel to everyone that passes thru.
Jim Kloepfer
Rangely, CO

Ermal Allen
Bryce Hall
Jeffrey Lacy
Mechelle Lacey
Brittany McCord
4-Wheel Riding from Anderson Ind.
60° and Beautiful

Dear Clyde,
I long for the days when you were up here hunting, solitude, individualism. No longer are those days. The people from Colorado despise humans and I hope I don’t turn into somebody that lives in Colorado. The beauty of this country is without words. Sorry I couldn’t help you. Praise the Lord

Dear Clyde,
Roses are red violets are blue we sure could use a little help from you (to find elk 🙂 )
Say hi to our mom.
Star, Vern, [unreadable]

FRED KUEN 4/16/06
“Easter Sunday”
First time here, I came up with “Blue”.
We had lots of snow over the winter – Broke thru snow to get up here, sounds like you were a very good person & a friend, wish I knew you!
I live in Newcastle & was born in Aspen, 1962
Thanks for good weather today – It was beautiful!
The plastic bag was eaten into by mice. Hope this book makes it.
Thanks Fred

From the Summer of 2005
Pete Esau – Great Grandson to Clyde – Age 12 [August 1, 2004]
Every summer now we will come up and visit your memorial, and it is very special to me that we do that. It must have been very scary through that snowstorm, and you must have been very brave. May your spirit live with all people that come here and live in the mountains.
Pete Esau

14 Aug 04
Howdy Clyde-
My name is Bill Wright. This is the second time I’ve stopped by to visit, the first being 10 years ago. I’ve told many people your story. Wish I could have come along in 1940 & Talked to you then- ya picked a great spot – thanks for sharin’ it with me for a few min. today. Just wanted ya to meet my wife Jan. I’ll be back-
Bill Wright
Hartman, CO
P.S. The water is for anyone in trouble- take care of things until I get back.

Brian Lane Aug. 1 2004
Fresno, CA.
Been by may times to visit, been a great day
weather is perfect. full moon. what more could you want. glad the grand kids could stop & visit. Good luck to all who read this & God bless.
Brian Lane

To all who pass this way
Our family has been hunting & visiting this place since 1952 — it has been a family tradition, 4 generations have hunted here. We love it and Clyde Dillon has been a name we all have come to know and he to is a huge part of our family.
Carl H. Cannon
Tony R. Cannon
Carey C. Cannon
Cody C. Cannon
May God Bless You All – Tony R. Cannon

We just missed you. Hows the hunting where you are?
10/8/04 Mel Martin

Howdy Clyde,
Its year #19 for me & 15 for my husband David. It’s still cold & windy up here! Send us a cow (elk) 🙂
Nancy Benter
David Wood

June 25, 2005
My grandfather Frank Caywood grew up down on Yellow creek. His father Bill Caywood had a homestead there. When I got my drivers licence in the early 90’s, my grandpa and I would spend day up in this area. I’ve wrote at this site many times.
My grandpa died October 17th, 2004. I had to come here to say goodbye. He was 98 years old.
So to my grandpie, Frank Caywood
b May 20, 1906
d Oct 17, 2004
May your spirit soar on the wind where Indians danced & horses ran free.
Hope Renolds w/
daughters Emily & Ashley
Idaho Springs, CO

July 18, 2005
Lindsey & Wayne
Ate lunch here today. A perigren falcon zipped by in a full dive about 20 feet above the ground and parallel w/ the western slope of the bluff. His trajectory was SE to NW and his wings folded in created an awesome zipping “roar”! Definitely a picnic to remember!

To Clyde: From Clyde Weuschhof
You sure chose one awesomely beautiful place to die. 8/10/03

9/12/3 A place like this may a Missouri boy feel small… Hope to get a barely legal bull.
Jeff Jennings
Indep., MO

Clyde knows the spot to hunt. Our camp got a 5×5 bull and a 6×6 bull. It reminds me of the spot my brother died doing what he loved hunting. If you meet him his name is Mark Fettig and he will bring you grate luck.
Don Fettig

Stopping by to [check mark] on you again.
Deputy Sheriff
RBSO [Rio Blanco Sheriff’s Office]

Lee & Marlene Hawkins – Rifle, CO
Brought our daughters up to see the view & to visit Clyde & Shane Bascom

Seven years ago Shane went away now he is here forever. Mom and I came to see him today, miss him forever.
Love his
[Name unreadable]

Sorry you died – but you couldn’t have picked a better place – see ya with the Big Bucks.
Dan M.
Beautiful Place!

From the Summer of 2003
Shane Ray Bascom also shares this spot w/ Clyde. Shane was born 2/22/72 and died on 7/18/97 his remains and his wishes lie near this spot. In loving memory his dad and Family.

This was a beautiful resting place you couldn’t have gone a better way. I love this country and took my first buck deer out of this country last year.
Joe Hewitson
Age 17

It’s been 60 years since Clyde died out here. We came to remember him once again.
God Bless
Dave Dillon
Jeff Dillon
Grandson & Great Grandson to Clyde
Cincinnati, Ohio

We searched for this place for 3 days and finally found it on June 23, 2001 at 10:22pm.
We have shared God’s Word on many high places around here.
Peace and the Love of Christ Jesus to all who read this.
It’s starting to rain… we must go.
(Texas) Robert “Chapo” Chapman
(Colorado) Morgan Daub

We’ve spen 2 moths meandering the hills, gulches, oil roads, & nonroads of the Piceance/Yellow Crk & Lower White River (Piceance on the east; Lower White on the west) and have become more familiar w/ the are than we thought possible. Long live Sagebrush!
Erika Mohr Ft. Collins, CO

The Waugh’s:
Charles Sr, Charles Jr, Bill, Brent, Charlie B, Breck M
Louisville, Kentucky

July 3, 2000
Independence Day is tomorrow – it’s kind of funny – I just had to come here….my own little place of independence. You can understand that, can’t ya Clyde! We saw wild horses – absolutely beautiful! Your place here on the mountain means more than you’ll ever know to me. My son, Jordan, was with me today, too. He’s only 15 months old – but he loves it as much as I do!
Keep it beautiful!
Brynda Faedrid [I greatly question my spelling here]
[Light marks with arrow pointing to them] Jordan signed it, too

It’s been 3 years ago today that we left our son Shane here, [unreadable]. The 3 red stones that mark 3 years.
Never a day goes by that we don’t think about shane and remember him.
I had my beer with him
Love his dad

10/15/1999 — Been coming up here for 18 yrs! Always stop here at least once!
Richard Warren
Blue Ridge, GA

Oct. 12th 1999
On the very first page I signed my name – June 27th my wife Janet and myself was here – our dads came here in 1958 and been coming ever since! Have taken two nice 5×5 bulls and some good [unreadble] from this area — brought my son Carey & son-in-law Tim. Hope fully they can bring their sons Luke & Cody one day. What a beautiful place that I love very much! Just look for the big BLUE BUS and stop by and visit!
God Bless, all you hunters!
Pastor: Tony R Cannon
Inopls Ind

We shot the ashes from a cannon of my 40 year hunting partner just down the ridge. he wanted to be up here with you the first time he was here. His name was John Aldridge. Hope you [unreadable…] or two
R. Heaton 18 Oct 1999

Our first time up here to see your wonderful resting place. Will see you again.
Tink & Lee Wilson Colorado