Directions to the Memorial

Warning: These directions will take you to a very remote area of NW Colorado. Cellular phone service and auto services are limited. Please use caution, let someone know where you are going, and take some food and water with you. A four wheel drive high clearance vehicle is HIGHLY recommended. If you plan on trying to find the hubcap, wear strong pants (jeans) as the shrubs you have to climb through to find it have branches that will scratch your legs up pretty badly.

Memorial: 39.835589°N, 108.593931°W
Hubcap: 39.855784°N, 108.570459°W (about 1.8 miles northeast of the memorial, visible on the ridge to the northwest when on the road coming in from that direction)

Directions in Garmin MapSource/BaseCamp Format – July 2009
This Garmin Database (GDB) file contains a route from I-70 in Rifle to the memorial with two via points to keep you on paved roads as long as possible. It contains place markers for both the hubcap and the memorial itself.

Directions in PDF Format – July 2004 Outdated
This four page PDF has detailed directions from I-70 in Rifle to the memorial with mileage counts to compare with your odometer. It also includes pictures and a description of how to find the Hubcap.